Online Dating Messages That Get Responses

Online Dating Messages That Get Responses opening messages that women

Most women’s suck at sending the first. online dating message that’s why they. don’t like to do it but if you can it’s. very powerful I’m gonna help you out. coming up next. whats good everyone Mario here in this. video I won’t speak to my women out. there who are really interested in. experiencing more and better from the. online dating world so you might be. thinking now well that means you have to. message first sometimes for the guys. that you really are interested in. welcome to the world of men but here’s. the challenge how do you get a response. from men because it’s not as easy as you. thought it would be and also how do you. get a better response from them that. really sets you up with some positive. momentum for the interaction well I’m. gonna share with you five online dating. opening messages that women can send men.

That will be more successful so I’m. gonna get to that list but first let me. remind you that if you’re not fully. satisfied with the current love life. experiences online or in person that. invite you to join my free love life. Academy I’ll send you video lessons and. other opportunities and resources that. are all designed to help you level up. your game and your love life. so if you’re really serious about making. a positive impact in that aspect of your. life then take a few seconds to invest. in yourself in your future we’d love to. have you join now let’s get into this. list okay starting with number one the. first message I want to share with you. is so what do you like to do for fun so. that I can tag along when I receive this. message it just stopped me in my tracks. because I thought it was so cute it was.

So rare and it was really something. where someone was doing the right things. they were opening me which I appreciated. but I also appreciate the playfulness. that open welcome of like I’m interested. in you I’m gentle I’m harmless and I’d. love to join your world so tell me about. it and that’s something that any guy can. easily respond to you ask him to speak. to you about his world what does he like. to do for fun these are things that any. man can speak to so he doesn’t have to. be a rocket scientist. all he has to do is basically tell you. the truth and you’re off to the races. alright number two this is a very simple. only online dating message to send a guy. but it works. two words hey handsome all right it just. flattery works with men first your. messaging first which makes us feel good. because we’re always in that position.

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Of pursuing so it feels nice to get a. message first but then also you’re. giving us not just that sign of interest. by by saying hey you’re saying hey. handsome which means like hey I approve. of you physically you’re physically. attractive to me which a lot of guys. they feel uncertain about so they’re. insecure and when you’d say more than. just hey when you say hey handsome it. makes a guy feel so confident he’s like. I like the way she makes me feel that’s. kind of what you’re doing you’re taking. advantage of how your message makes him. feel compare that to I hey what’s up hey. how are you doing a hey handsome. oh hey handsome and all of a sudden I’m. feeling a little bit better about myself. like yeah yeah so what we’re doing is. sort of the same thing that women. appreciate we’re playing upon emotions. in a positive way like you’re just.

Making someone feel better and when you. make someone feel better guess what they. would like more of that and you’re. offering it so they want to go in your. direction. all right great message to send a guy. and then you can just take it in any. other direction just make sure you kind. of tail off from that hey handsome. because you don’t want to linger with a. discussion about you know really just. gassing them up with this looks it could. possibly turn to sexual or whatever so. you just need to kind of very quickly. steer the conversation in another. direction but you got it started and. it’s warmly opened okay number three I. would encourage you to if you see that. they have a pet in their pictures. compliment their pet all right because. everybody loves talking bought their. favorite things and if they put their.

Pet in their online dating profile. pictures that is one of their favorite. things everybody loves their dog or. their cat so if you were to comment. about that and ask and you know people. would love to talk about that. it’s a favorite topic asked me about my. little puppy city and I will just talk. to you through the moon all right now. here’s the thing I do want to encourage. you though like just like the that he. handsome comment steer the conversation. away from this after a little bit don’t. stay on this topic too long don’t linger. don’t hang on to it too long feel. comfortable to address the pet and then. move on shortly thereafter into whatever. else you want to talk about now number. four the fourth opening message that I. want to share with you is something that. may or may not also be there and that is.

An. sort of Association that they’re. representing their favorite sports team. so a lot of guys will show themselves. maybe at a sporting event in New Jersey. or in a setting where you could tell. what team they support or it’s listed in. the written bio now this is again kind. of like animals like if you talk about. their favorite sports team it’s. something that they really like so if. you have any sort of basic knowledge. about like say here’s my Kansas City. Chiefs football team you could say. something about hey amazing Super Bowl. win that was so great watching the homes. he’s he’s amazing right well if you sent. me that message I would automatically be. responding like oh yeah like because all. you have to do is just notice like oh. look at my shirt oh do you know. something about what this shirt means. King City Chiefs NFL football team but.

There are all sorts of ways that you can. find this people write it down my. favorite team is this or you can see. them in a picture in a setting wearing a. jersey so that’s something that you can. really pull upon and doesn’t mean that. it’s always gonna be there but if it is. there that can be gold and especially as. a woman you really stand out if you can. talk some sports to a guy and you don’t. have to speak a lot of sports if you. just watch the Super Bowl last year and. you told me like hey that home. mahomes is amazing like wow that would. be enough for me alright I don’t need. you to know every stat so think about. that you don’t need to be knowing. everything like you think you might okay. number five all right this goes along. the lines are the same with the dog and. with the sports team if you see someone.

With a picture representing their. favorite beverage of choice very likely. say a beer or a wine you might ask them. about that because obviously that’s. pretty close up there you know you’ve. got dog sports team and then favorite. beverage of choice that can be something. that people really can get into talking. about especially if it’s just gonna be. for opening a conversation which this. does remember our online dating opening. messages are just to get the ball. rolling they don’t have to be the entire. conversation for the next 15 minutes. they just need to be a topic of. conversation for who knows maybe 15. seconds 30 seconds a minute and then. you’re moving on to something else so. all of these openers what I want you to. understand what do they have in common. one you’re going to be. active you’re really giving men an.

Opportunity to feel safe to speak about. something that he’d like that they enjoy. think about it like the first one was. asking about what they like to do for. fun the other one is kind of the easiest. sort of response do you say hey handsome. and guys can really respond anything to. that they don’t have to come up with. something clever even if they just said. well thank you and you get the ball. rolling from there and then we have our. other list of pets sports teams and. favorite beverages where if you’re just. paying attention looking for clues there. in the pictures they’re into written. content you know you have people. demonstrating what they care about most. and what makes them feel good and people. love to talk about themselves it doesn’t. mean that the conversation has to be. onesided and that you’re just making.

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Them talk about all their favourite. things and no real getting to know each. other look all we’re doing is getting. the conversation started that’s the. battle that we’re fighting here online. dating opening messages hey can you get. a response cool great because most. people don’t then can you set yourself. up for a positive interaction with some. momentum well you can with these and. that’s important because guess what oh. hey hi how are you doesn’t do that. like who’s excited about a hey hi how. are you so don’t send that message. alright because just like women aren’t. excited to get that message guys aren’t. either. and remember the difference between how. you make a guy feel if you were to say. hey versus hey handsome totally. different play on his emotions and. feelings and you can appreciate that. lady so let’s think about those if you.

Have any other sort of recommendations. thoughts that you want to throw those. down in the comments if we’re there are. other opening messages that you use that. you like that you want to recommend to. everyone else though this in the. comments I’ll look at those as well. everybody else so we’ll kind of get a. low forum going on all right now. remember as always if you want to do. better you got to become better alright. see you in the next video you all take. care thanks for watching if you. appreciated the content be sure to LIKE. comment subscribe and hit that. notification bell and if you’re ready to. level up your love life take 30 seconds. to visit my website right now join my. free Academy I’ll send you exclusive. content and invitations to participate. in my online group conference calls and. if you’re ready for serious change sign.