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Tell me about the worst date of your. life i’ll go first. i met this retired nfl player on a yaw. and he asked me out on a date. he was super cute and great and i was so. excited for our date until the day of. when he texted me and asked if i could. pick him up. and pick up lunch on the way after an. hour of watching him eat his onion. filled sandwich and listening to him. grovel about his exgirlfriend he. finally asked if we could go to the next. place to eat. two bowls of fat three teriyaki chickens. later one bowl of rice and a nice tea. later he wanted to go to inn-out. i forgot to mention that this man had. the audacity to wear white denim to our. first date. after driving him to three restaurants i. finally pull up to in and out where he. orders a 4×4 animal style fries and two. sodas. i get nothing he told me his stomach.

Hurt shocker and excused himself to go. to the bathroom after 20 minutes in the. bathroom he came out and i noticed a. stain on his pants. he had his pants and didn’t clean. it up i gave him a towel to sit on and. drove him home. tell me about the worst date you’ve ever. been on oh i just could not resist this. one. the truth is i could probably write a. book on bad dates. all the bad dates i’ve gone on let me. tell you about one when i was in college. i went to syracuse university and there. were a lot of hospitals in the area. so i happened to meet a doctor so i’m. thinking smart successful great. wrong so we met up downtown you know. just something dinner. drinks like to get to know each other it. was the first day he starts by opening. up that he lied to me about his age. he was in his 40s so we were off to a.

Great start so we sat down. started eating because i might as well. get some free food out of it while he’s. eating though. food starts falling out of his mouth and. he proceeds to ask me if i got turned on. by that. no he proceeds to tell me he’s never. loved anyone besides his dog. keeps having a recurring dream about his. dog being reincarnated as a human. tall dark curly brown hair i might be. his dog. and then tells me about his guy no. rotation i ran and then he sent me a. picture of him in a cat suit. last night i went on the weirdest date. ever i took her to this chinese. restaurant that had a sushi bar and when. i ordered sushi this girl goes. she like fake gagged in front of the. server and i’m like what you don’t like. sushi and she goes no i hate sushi i was. like okay so i took off the sushi and i. ordered this lo main dish three separate.

Times throughout the meal this girl. keeps bringing up the sushi she’s like. oh i just really don’t like it like it’s. fish that’s really gross like you’re not. gonna believe this next part so we. finished our meal and as we’re about to. leave she’s like oh it’s raining i have. to wait and i was like no i have an. umbrella and she’s like no i just really. rather wait so we wait 20 minutes and. finally i’m like yo i’ll drive the car. to the curb and pick you up and she said. no i really can’t get wet and i go why. can’t you get wet. this girl goes if i get wet my mermaid. tail will come out. so the reason she didn’t like sushi is. because she’s half fish she’s a mermaid. when i tell you i politely excused. myself to go to the bathroom snuck out. the back door and drove myself home. that’s not a lie tell me about your.

Worst dating story. okay i got you ryan so this was the. first day that i ever had with a guy. he was in high school he told me he was. going to take me out for dinner and he. was going to pick me up at 7.. so i hop in his car we go on the highway. we end up going really far i ask him. where we’re going. he tells me it’s a surprise we pull off. the highway we pull into this. really abandoned dark alleyway behind. this like. large industrial building i look behind. me and there’s this. massive glowing sign that says fabutan. he turns off the engine turns to me and. he says sorry babe. i’m so sorry i forgot i had a tanning. appointment do you mind if i just hop in. here real quick. this is the days before cell phones he. takes the keys out of the car. leaves me for over an hour inside the. car. after he finishes tanning he gets back.

Inside the car he says so sorry he was. catching up with an old friend inside. i matched with this guy on bumble and i. was like hey. and right away right away he said hey. you look really adventurous from your. photos. we should explore caves together why. don’t you meet me at this cave at 8 pm. tonight. and i was like oh man this one’s not. even going to pretend like he’s not a. serial killer like he’s not going to buy. me dinner before he murders me that. seems rude. he wants me to transport my own body to. the dropoff location at a cave in the. woods which is just. lazy like i have no respect for that and. so i messaged them back and i was like. oh no thank you i make it a point to not. hang out with strangers in caves at. night. and he said oh well let me take y’all. for an ice cream cone. and then we can go explore the cave.

Right after because i won’t be a. stranger anymore. and i was like dude if i’m gonna go out. of this life. all bloated from dairy it’s not gonna be. from an ice cream cone like you gotta. give me a lobster mac and cheese or. something unmatched you’re. crazy tell me about the worst date. you’ve ever been on. when i was 25 i went on this awful. tinder date with this guy who first. lied about his age his profile said he’s. 35 he actually was like 42 and he was. like oh yeah like i haven’t logged into. facebook for a while so that’s why it’s. it’s like synced and i was like that’s. not how your age on facebook works bro. you obviously put in the year you were. born so we don’t all have to like update. how old we are every year. super sketch okay he also was like the. reason i’m wearing a hat is because i’m. balding and i was like oh well like.

I mean that happens no big deal he’s. like yeah. you want to see it and i was like um. okay. so i like looked at his balding head for. a while and then i also found out he. lived on a boat. to top it off in like not a sexy way but. the worst part about this date is when i. showed up. i mistook someone at the bar for my date. like i was like hey. are you my date um and the guy turned he. was super cute he was like. no i’m sorry but i kind of wish i was. and then this horrible boat troll. balding man walked in instead. so dating in 2020 is a lost cause i’ve. decided. in talking to my girlfriends i realized. that we are praising men for doing the. bare minimum. it’s like we’ll go on a date i’m guilty. of this too. and be like guys he was just so sweet he. opened the car door for me. oh guys he was so sweet he planned the.

Date. like duh why wouldn’t he open the door. for. you or plan the date like why are we. praising men. for literally doing the basic things. that they should be doing. i don’t understand and like. why men are you not meeting. the minimum to where now women are. expecting less. than the basics like we need to change. this because this is just not okay. like boys do better girls expect more. because i don’t want my future daughters. bare minimum to be. mom he was just so sweet he offered to. meet me at the restaurant. um no sweetie drop his ass. let me tell you about a date met online. asked me to dinner. the usual let’s quickly fast forward to. the evening of the day. he messaged me saying he has car. troubles and he asks if i would mind. giving him a ride. all right when i pick him up he brings a. backpack. after the dates i’ve been on lord only.

Knows what’s in the backpack okay. we get to dinner he just places the. backpack on the seat beside him fine. approximately two minutes after we got. our food the manager walks up to our. table. i thought this was just a standard like. how’s your meal how’s your time yada. yada. no of course not he looks directly at my. date and says. hey do you mind starting your shifts. half an hour early um. he says yes grabs the backpack and gets. up from the table. me just watching like um he had to work. that night he left me to eat the dinner. by myself. while he started his shift early bro. didn’t want a date. he wanted a ride to work did i have to. pay for my own dinner. yes i mean at least he gave me the. discount. tell me about the worst date you’ve ever. been on here’s mine two years ago i went. out with a pilot from bumble when i got.

There he said i hope he didn’t take you. too long to get here i said no 15. minutes i walked he said good because i. don’t date people who live more than a. mile from me. he then asked the hostess for a table. for two and said you have to eat with me. even though he knew i had already eaten. he proceeds to force me to pick out an. appetizer an entree. and a dessert we are there for two hours. i am barely eating because again i have. already eaten. which he shames me for and then asks me. to split the bill at that point i wanted. to get out of there so i just did it. we’re putting on our coats it’s february. by the way. he pulls on black leather gloves and. says these are my. murder gloves he then insists on walking. me home meaning he continues to walk. next to me even though i continue to ask. him not to. at one point i tried to turn on a street.

That wasn’t mine and he said we haven’t. walked 15 minutes yet this isn’t where. you live there’s a doorman building next. to my building and i walked in with a. big smile on my face and said this man. outside is stalking me please pretend i. live here and this has been today’s. episode of things women do to avoid a. confrontation that might lead to murder. the rudest thing that anybody has ever. just said directly to your face. so i met a guy online and he was really. funny and sweet and there was lots of. woody banter up front. and i didn’t catch any of the red flags. that i should have so i met him for. coffee. he was nice up front uh he was pretty. gentlemanly. lots of manners holding the door stuff. like that. um but then he made a comment. where he said i thought you would be. like this. from your pictures but you’re like this.

And he wasn’t talking about my height he. was actually my same height. he was talking about my attractiveness. my looks. um but that’s not the kicker that’s not. we’re here for. what we’re here for is when somehow we. got onto the topic of rape which i. personally have dealt with myself. and he said it’s probably your fault. and you know that that’s up there. it’s on the list tell me about your. worst date experience. i’ll go first so i went on a first date. with this guy. who took me to a nice restaurant which. was nice but he. clearly had some bowel issues. he was nervous so i think it made his. bowels worse. and spent half the night running back. and forth to the bathroom. to relieve himself and ultimately we had. to. leave early poor guy. and as he tried to drive me home he. couldn’t make it. and had to stop by his parents home to.

Relieve himself some more. and left me abandoned in the car. but i get it you know bowel issues are. just. awful so what happened afterwards. i married him. tell me about the worst date you’ve ever. been on. when i tell you i win i win okay first. of all he worked out in front of me. wait whoa okay first then you went to. his house and you had to wait outside of. his house for 15. minutes okay and then he came down in. sweatpants. then he did a circuit in front of me he. looked out he worked out. then we went on a walk and when his dog. pooped and he didn’t have a bag he went. dumpster diving i mean. when we got back to his apartment he was. out of lime for a drink he wanted to. make me so he told me we had to go to. whole foods. he literally wanted her to go grocery. shopping and then when i said no he said. the lady dolph protest.

And then for dinner didn’t he like heat. you up his leftovers it was a salmon. patty. and a biscuit from his take out and then. he told him he wanted to go and he like. challenged you and made you do an acting. exercise with him. meisner’s repetition he really thought i. was down for a second date. i really like you. i really like you too. without saying goodbye. but i really like you. tell me about the worst date you’ve ever. been on i have been on literally like. three dates in my life but this one this. one takes the cake. so this guy like picks me up and then we. start driving he said oh wait we didn’t. stop at my apartment first and i said. okay walk into his apartment and in the. middle of his living room is just a. mattress. no sheets no bedding just a dirty. mattress he then proceeds to tell me. that his roommate stole his furniture.

And left his mattress in the middle of. the room which would be fine if his dog. wasn’t humping my leg the entire time. what but it gets better so we head to. citywag which is universal studios like. downtown. shopping district that has security to. get in like metal detectors right. and we both live in orlando and we both. know this right. we’re walking from the car walking to. the movie theater before we get to. security he pulls a knife. out of his pocket and says i can’t bring. this in here. and i’m just like no you can’t i asked. if he wanted to go back to the car but. he just. threw it away i still went out with him. again so. thank you so much for the starbucks so. what do you want to go do now i mean i. just figured we could go for a drive. and just talk from there and see what we. do. i don’t really yeah we can just drive.

Okay that’s fine we can just talk and. drive no problem okay cool but actually. can we go stop at like a publix or. something i kind of have to go pee. uh yeah sure. um hey colleen is it okay we stopped by. the publix again. i kind of have to go pee i i don’t know. why i know it’s like a second time but. you know. i can’t control these things again. okay sure let’s go to the publix again. okay so that was just a weird first date. and i don’t want to sound ungrateful. but if you’re going to take a girl out. at least have some sort of plan. how are you going to take me through the. starbucks drive through because you. don’t want to go inside. but then just drive mindlessly for four. hours and then have to stop to pee twice. like it’s just a weird situation. tell me about the worst date you’ve ever. been on here’s mine.

What if the worst date was my fault i. went on this date with this beautiful. woman. i don’t know three months ago about the. same time i gave up. dating and i just got. so much anxiety out of nowhere not. because of her. i think i just put a lot of pressure on. myself when i go on a date. and i had so much anxiety i got dizzy. and i sat there the entire time on the. entire day. just sitting there like this because i. thought if i would move my hand from my. head. i was gonna fall over that’s how dizzy i. was finally at the end of the night i. said i’m sorry i’m just having so much. anxiety can we go for a walk. so we went for a walk and i had so much. anxiety i tripped over the sidewalk. and looked at her apologized for the. night and said. i am done i can’t do this i’m sorry. this is my fault i was the worst date i.

Can’t take myself anywhere. oh hello hi how are you. your name has got to be covered 19. because i want to spread you across. every flat surface uh. no it’s it’s katherine so if we can just. call me back. oh hold on baby is it catherine with a c. over the k. it’s what it’s with a k oh i bet it is. it is yes that what does that even mean. katherine with the k i see you got your. drink but where’s your man at. well i recently went through a breakup. it’s kind of why i’m here. okay i see what’s going on what do you. mean your man won’t hit you with that. huh okay i literally have at least like. eight. questions at this point but let’s start. with what the hell was that do you want. to go to your place or my place cause. what in the sharing bad dates on. tick tock until i’m famous. talking to this guy and he was gonna.

Come over to my place have a couple. drinks. having a few laughs and drinks and. everything he’s having a little bit more. than. i would but he’s a grown man i ain’t. gonna say nothing. the night goes on and he starts getting. a little sloppy i’m like okay this is. not cute. like he’s too drunk to even drive so i’m. like you know what boy. it’s getting late like let’s go to bed. this ain’t it. like you can sleep on the couch homeboy. says i can’t sleep next to you. i’m big old baby and i say yes. y’all i kid you not in the middle of the. night. 2 a.m i wake up to him unzipping his. pants. standing next to my bed he thought. it was a bathroom. i literally had to drag his drunk ass to. the bathroom. so that he could pee the next day. so when can i see you again. so what do you do for work. i’m a police officer oh so where are you.

Security guard then. oh no i’m not a security guard i’m a i’m. a police officer for the city so are you. like. a real cop though or i mean i’ve got. a badge and a gun and a police car just. like. the other real police officers where do. you do security then. no like i don’t i don’t do security like. i’m i’m a police officer like i respond. to. my mom. what is it called when you get catfished. not by someone’s appearance but by their. dating app bio a while ago i went on a. date with a guy who put in his bio that. he was a surgeon we meet up for coffee. i’m making small talk so i’m like what. kind of surgery do you do he goes oh i. do surgery on rats. and i was like oh that’s cool are you a. vet or are you doing research in a lab. or something. he’s like oh no i’m selfemployed and. i’m like oh interesting. and he was like yeah i’ve just been.

Doing rat lobotomies in my basement i. haven’t quite figured out what i want to. do with all these rat brains yet so i’m. just practicing until i figure it out. put a finger down if you dated this guy. he took you to barnes noble on your. first date so you thought that was. really sweet. and then a few days later he flew you on. his private jet which threw you off. guard and then a few days later. he took you to his 300 foot yacht which. really threw you off guard. and then a few days later he got you a. personal driver and a personal assistant. who wanted to know you were 24 hours a. day but you thought it was for safety. you didn’t question it because you felt. like cinderella and you felt really. grateful. and then a few dates later you got an. email from an angry girl claiming to be. his fiancee when you asked him about it.

He said she was crazy and that it wasn’t. true but you went with your gut and you. broke up with them anyway because you. didn’t trust him. and then three months later an fbi agent. calls and says you need to come in for. questioning and that they have something. they have to tell me and so you find out. from an fbi agent that this man had been. dating you. and 10 other women and he had put a gps. tracker on your car he had hired someone. to photograph you 24 hours a day and log. everywhere you went and you put a camera. in your apartment without you knowing. and now he’s going to jail for a really. long time. if you need to get out of an. uncomfortable situation this is how you. do it. let’s say you’re on a date let’s say the. date isn’t going very well. and you just want to go you want to go. home but you can’t figure out an excuse.

To leave. what you do is you turn your volume all. the way down on your phone. you go into your phone settings and go. to the ringtone area. turn your volume all the way back up and. then play one of the ringtones. now at this point you’re still acting. interested you’re acting like. everything’s going fine. but you’re suddenly surprised because. someone’s calling you it’s yourself. calling you you’re. i’m so sorry hello yeah no i’m fine. everything’s good i’m just hanging out. with my date. yeah act nonchalant like you’re not. going to leave this date. yeah oh i didn’t know oh my gosh yeah no. no worries i’m coming right now. i’m coming you hang up with the. imaginary person you suddenly have to. leave. you tell the person that you’re sorry. that you had to kept the date short but. that you would like to maybe hang out in.