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Hi welcome to online for love your. resource for dating by the numbers i’m. tyler and i’ve been rating researching. and reviewing countless online dating. websites for the last five years now. you can consider me your online dating. expert today we’re going to be going. over the top. 10 best dating websites. depending on your desires and the. popularity of these websites i’m going. to be here today to help you out to help. narrow down which website is the best. for you. whether you are looking for hookups. longterm relationships or any other. certain activities. i’m going to go over all these websites. using these four criteria. number one is the members number two are. the profiles number three is the ease of. use and the design of the website. and number four is the features i do. actually have a great way for you to.

Figure out the best dating website for. yourself. in the description down below there’s a. link that leads to an online dating. website quiz. and this quiz will ask you several. questions that are very important to. narrow down which dating website is best. for you specifically so if you would. like to take that quiz yourself the link. is in the description down below i do. want to mention as well that this video. is actually based off of an article that. you can find on online for love and in. the description down below. the reason i’m mentioning this is. because any statistics i may mention. like the user base or the cost may be. different from the time of when i. recorded this video but in the article. version it is constantly updated and. upto-date so if you want to be sure. that information i’m saying here is.

Absolutely correct. you can go double check it by checking. the link in the description down below. let’s jump into this list with what i. think is the best dating website overall. let’s start with criteria. number one a match which. is the members of which there are around. 20 million members. and of the 20 million members about 8. million are paying members. most of the members around 4 million are. from the united states and every day the. website has. 3 million individual users accessing the. website when it comes to the gender. distribution and there are about 55. men and 45 women most male members on. the website are between the ages of 25. and 34 and most female members on the. website are between the ages of. 35 and 44 but most members overall on. the website are between the ages of 25. and 34. let’s move on to criteria number.

Two of match which is the profile setup. most of the profiles are match are. pretty genuine and the reasoning for. this is because you have to be a paying. member in order to send messages which. makes it very hard for scammers but if. you do feel like you. have come across a fake profile it is. pretty easy to just report them. for match when you do look at profiles. you will see that they are pretty much. very filled out with plenty of photos. plenty of information and other details. and interest about each individual user. but you will also see some other users. who are pretty shallow and they only. really share. some basic information about themselves. what’s pretty cool about match 2 is that. you can add 26 photos to your profile. and you can see the compatibility with. yourself and other users with a. percentage amount and.

With the amount of interest that overlap. between your two accounts let’s move on. to criteria number. three for the ease of use and. design of the website registering a. match is pretty simple and you don’t. need to give too much information about. yourself but when you do enter your. profile you should just to make your. account a little bit more presentable. once your profile is set up you’ll be. immediately able to search other. profiles. and you’ll see that match is pretty. oldschool in how it’s set up and so you. won’t be banging your head against any. walls. trying to figure out how to work it. is not just a desktop website. but it is also available for both apple. and android users with their app you’ll. see that the app and the website have. the same exact features for you to use. speaking of the features let’s move on.

To criteria number four which is the. features of apart from. standard features that you can find on. other dating websites. like liking profiles and giving your. profile a boost match offers some. extra premium features to its members. match phone gives every user a unique. phone number that they can use to. contact. other users and talk to them real time. purchasing a six month membership gives. you a match guarantee wherein if you. don’t feel like you are satisfied with. the app after the first six months they. will give you six months for free and. one cool feature i really like is called. date checkin wherein. you assign certain people as emergency. contacts and if you are going on a date. with somebody and you don’t feel safe. you can tell the app that you’re not. feeling safe and it will send out an sos.

Message to your listed emergency. contacts does also offer this. other cool feature to certain members. to have an online dating coach actually. review your profile. and to make sure that you are getting. the best potential matches you can i do. want to mention. as well that down below in the. description we do have 25. off so be sure. to use that if you do find that match is. the right website for you. check out our review by. clicking on the link that’s appearing. right above my head. so let’s move on to number two on our. list which i would say is the best for. serious relationships and that website. is speaking of the members let’s jump into. criteria number one for eharmony which. is. the members statistics show that there. are over 15 million matches every day.

And as a result six hundred thousand. marriages have happened. from matches on this website eharmony. claims to have 66 million users on their. website most of which are from the. united states. and every week 16 million users are. active on the website the male female. ratio is pretty close to 50 50 and most. users are between the ages of 25 and 34. and you’ll find that almost all of them. are looking for very serious longterm. relationships so let’s move on to. criteria number two for eharmony. the profiles of the website and honestly. they are filled out more than any other. website you’ll likely see. as they require you to fill out a pretty. lengthy questionnaire when you do. register yourself on eharmony the. questionnaire consists of many questions. based off of your characteristics and. various opinions of yourself and other.

Topics. when you visit other profiles on. it shows you your. compatibility score with that individual. based on their answers from your. questionnaire you can also answer. optional questionnaires as well to try. and find a more compatible person who. has also answered. other similar questionnaires apart from. that you will notice that most of the. users are very serious about filling out. as much of their profile as they can. as they are looking for serious. longterm relationships now let’s move. on. to criteria number three for eharmony. which is the ease of use and design of. the website registration is a pretty. simple but it can be pretty lengthy. because of the previously mentioned. questionnaire that you will have to. answer. it could take you around 10 minutes to. do so but you don’t need to verify any.

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Emails in this process. apart from that eharmony also offers a. mobile app which is available for both. apple and. android users and any feature that you. can do on the website you can also do on. the mobile app as well. speaking about the features let’s move. on to criteria number four for eharmony. which is the features of the website. you can send a smile which is a pretty. basic way for you to contact other users. but if you want to go. a little bit more in depth you can also. send questions to other users as well. you can add users to your favorites list. and there’s also a feature called what. if which gives you 30 extra potential. matches that are outside of your. original range. so let’s move on to number three on my. list which i would say is the best. dating website for straight men and that. is so let’s talk about.

Criteria number one for tinder which is. the members. the true gender ratio for tender is not. really known as tinder doesn’t give out. that information. and for me to guesstimate it would be. kind of difficult because there are a. lot of fake profiles that are on the. website. but i would generally maybe say that. it’s around 50 50 but don’t take my word. for it as there’s. really no evidence behind that it is. also known that men typically swipe. right much easier than women do so women. will be getting a lot more matches on. the website than men. at first glance the website seems to be. for people who are looking to get laid. and you wouldn’t be wrong there but. people do use the website for. alternative motives as well the most. interesting one that i’ve heard is that. people actually use it before they go on.

A tourist trip somewhere. to try and find a tourist state to help. them navigate the land. i think that’s pretty clever it’s pretty. awesome so let’s move on to criteria. number two. pretender which is the profiles of the. website you’ll find that most users. don’t put a lot of information on their. profiles on tinder. and because of this you’ll find that. there are a lot of fake profiles that. show up. but there are ways to avoid that and in. order to do so you would want to seek. out profiles that have a filled out. description. ones that don’t go out phone numbers or. any other personal information like that. and ones that have their instagram or. facebook account hooked up to. their tender profile that way there you. know they’re a real person that being. said i would say most profiles on the. website are genuine people and if you.

Can separate the fake profiles from the. real ones you’re going to have an. excellent time using this website let’s. move on to criteria number three which. is the ease of use and design of. registering on tinder is very. simple and straightforward and you can. do so using either your phone number. your email or a facebook account. the app is very simple in design where. all you have to do is use their swiping. feature meaning if you swipe. left you’re telling somebody no and if. you swipe right you’re telling somebody. yes i would like to match with you. and when two people mutually swipe right. on each other then a match is made and. each person can freely message the other. while tinder started out as a dating app. it is also available as a desktop. website and all the features that you. can find in the app are also available.

On the website speaking of the features. let’s move on to criteria number four. which is. the features tinder offers some basic. features like being able to like. somebody’s profile. being able to boost your own profile. being able to send a super like which. allows someone to know. that you like them even though they. didn’t like you yet and being able to. reverse your swipe meaning that if you. swiped less than somebody and you didn’t. mean to. you can undo a swipe and then swipe. right on them they do also have. tinder passport which is a really cool. feature where you can travel anywhere in. the world and start making matches with. people who are in that area they do also. offer the feature to. link your instagram account which is. really something you should take into. consideration doing. so that your profile looks more filled.

Out and genuine let’s move on to number. four on the list which is to like that. in order for you to get your perfect. match you need to go to the little like. button that’s right below this video. and hit that like button and make sure. it’s an odd number of times. not two or four but maybe one or three. or five or seven and then you’ll find. your perfect max i. really guarantee it and i’m not just. saying this because we need likes on our. video i swear. okay but seriously number four on our. list which i would say is the best. website for women. is bumble let’s move on to criteria. number one for bumble which is the. members. so as far as the male to female ratio. goes it’s not that surprising that there. are more women on the website. seeing as it’s geared more for them so. 62 of the users are women while only 38.

Of the users are met there are about 11. million members based in the us and. every month. there are 700 000 new members being. created so you can really see. that this website is vastly growing most. of the men on the website are between. the ages of 25 and 34. and the women on the website are. actually tied between two different age. categories from 18 to 24. and 24 to 35. let’s move on to criteria. number two for bumble which is the. profiles and honestly the profiles are a. lot more detailed than they would be on. tinder. here you can specify certain things like. if you want children if you have any. pets if you smoke what kind of. relationship you’re looking for. amongst other things you don’t have to. fill this information out but it is. recommended that you do so so that your. account looks a lot more. genuine this is great because in.

Comparison to tinder you can really see. if you would vibe with someone. and who they are rather than just based. off of their looks so let’s move on to. criteria number three for bumbo which is. the ease of use and design. of the website signing up is very. similar to tinder where you can use your. phone number your email or your facebook. account in order to do so also similar. to tinder bumble does also. offer the feature mechanic where you. swipe left to say no to somebody and you. swipe right to say yes to somebody you. can set different search filters to find. different types of people and you can. also edit and review your own. information on your profile. including your photos most of the. website is very intuitive and you won’t. have any issues trying to figure out. what to do let’s move on to criteria.

Number four which is. the features of bumble apart from your. typical swipe boost and. chat features that are on mumble bumble. does offer some unique features as well. when you make a match on bumble only the. woman can respond first not the man and. the man actually has to wait for the. woman to message him then he can decide. if he wants to message her back. and actually i’ve only been talking. about one third of the entire website. because the website is actually split. into three different parts i’ve been. talking about bumble date this entire. time but there is also bumblebiz where. you can meet your potential business. partners. in bumble bff where you can meet. potential friends now. each parts of these websites are their. own independent sections and you can’t. be. looking for dates on build bff or formal.

Biz or business partners on bubble date. or anything like that. they really are geared towards their own. assigned category you can also use a. super swipe which is very similar to. tinder’s super like where you can tell. somebody that you like them even if they. haven’t liked you yet there’s also the. bumble hive which i think is a pretty. cool feature where bumble actually sets. up live events for bumble users to meet. each other in real life. you can also use backtrack which allows. you to reverse a left swipe if you do. feel like you made a mistake and you did. actually want to right swipe on them so. let’s move on to number five on my list. which i would say is the best website. for people looking to make a comic. connection and that is. hinge so let’s move on to criteria. number one for hinge which is the.

Members of the website of which there. are 5 million users. and more than 50 of those users are from. the united states. as far as the malefemale ratio goes. it’s about 5050 and of the users who. are looking for a certain type of. relationship it does very well fit their. motto as most of them are looking for. very serious. longterm relationships let’s move on to. criteria number two of hinge which are. the profiles. hinge profiles are quite detailed and. interestingly enough they require you to. write at least three text prompts and. have the required number of photos on. your account before you’re even shown to. other people so every single profile you. do see on hinge is going to be filled. out. since most people on the website are. looking for a serious relationship. you’ll find that most profiles are. pretty filled out with care.

So let’s move on to number three in our. list which is the ease of use and design. of hinge. now since they were taken over by match. in 2019. they have a complete makeover and. honestly i really like it seems like the. app itself is much more intuitive and. it’s. very easy to use in order for you to. like somebody you have to like a. specific piece of their profile whether. that be a photo. or a text prompt that they chose i. really like this personally with their. whole goal of. finding a serious relationship because. forcing you to like a certain piece of. their profile. makes it so that you can have a. conversation started right off the bat. sadly though hinge is only available as. a mobile app as there is no website. desktop application for you to utilize. so let’s move on to criteria number four. for hinge which is the features of the.

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Website hinge comes with your typical. features of any other website including. being able to like other people and to. chat with them as well as being able to. report other people you feel like are. acting inappropriately apart from that. there are some features that are only. available to premium members. one of those features is called who. liked me which is just like it sounds it. shows you everybody who’s liked you even. if you haven’t liked them yet and. there’s also another really cool feature. called we met where if you exchange. phone numbers with another user. hinge will actually ask you a couple. days from then if you had met up with. that person. and if you had a good first date and if. you would meet up with them again. hinge actually uses this information and. puts it into their algorithm to try. making their matchmaking system more.

Accurate for everybody on the website. of course with this website and any. other the best way to up your chances is. to have a great online dating profile. and luckily we here at online for love. have a great online dating profile guide. for you to check out in the description. down below. it is available for both men and women. and best of all it is completely free so. let’s move on to number six on my list. which i would say is the best dating. website for business professionals and. that’s let’s see what. elite singles has to offer by jumping. into the criteria number one which is. the members. with a weekly influx of 65 000 members. and. having 2 000 couples being made on the. website every month and is one of the. top rated dating websites in the united. states elite singles has at least 5.

Million members that are in the united. states and. 900 000 of those members are active on a. weekly basis. the male to female ratio is pretty even. at about 50 50. and as for the ages of the members on. the male side it’s around. 25 to 34 years old and the women are. actually a bit older with an average age. range of 35 to 54. around. 90 of the users are over the age of 30. and most of the users are highly. educated having some form of a universal. degree let’s move on to criteria number. two for elite singles which is. the profiles so as far as the profiles. go they’re actually pretty filled out. and this is a combination of these. people on this website being business. oriented but they’re also looking for. very serious longterm relationships. let’s. move on to criteria number three for. elite singles which is the ease of use.

And design of the website elite singles. is meant to be used with users who are. younger and. tech savvy so the layout is pretty neat. and simple using the website either as a. desktop application or an application on. your phone which is available with both. apple and android users. it is pretty sleek easy and intuitive to. use and you won’t need any help. being able to navigate between different. parts of the website so let’s move on to. criteria number four of elite singles. which is the features of the website one. feature they offer is called the big. five which is an analysis feature that. you can use to compare yourself to. another account. and we take five different criteria in. order to do this the five criteria is. your conscientiousness. your extraversion your agreeableness. your neuroticism and your openness you.

Can also set advanced features for your. matches which include things like their. age their height or their income among. other things. there’s a feature called have you met. which allows you to look at profiles. that you might have missed. if you are using their typical matching. feature so let’s move on to number seven. on my list which i would think is the. best. dating website for the gay men community. and that is a grinder let’s dive into. grindr and talk about criteria number. one for the website which is its members. it’s a website that was created in 2009. specifically for the homosexual. community grinder is no small dating. website as there are 27 million members. on the website and it’s spread across. 196 different countries. most of the users around 25 are based in. the united states. and then the next percentage is based in.

Britain and then australia. and then hong kong and then singapore. there are three and a half million. active users every single day on this. website which is. pretty phenomenal considering that it’s. for a specific small percentage of the. population so let’s move on to criteria. number two for grindr which is the. profiles of the website the profiles of. grinder are pretty easy to set up and. don’t require much information. which is great for setting up but it’s. really kind of unfortunate if you are. looking to get some details about the. people who are using the website as. other profiles typically won’t be very. filled out on their profiles as well you. can actually see if a person is hiv. positive or not if they did feel like. giving out that information this. is something i really appreciate and. something i really wish that all dating.

Websites would do with all different. types of stds. you can find other things on their. profile that give them other details. about themselves such as their age their. ethnicity. their gender among other things as well. as a looking for category to tell you. what kind of relationship they are. actually looking for they do also have. another thing where they can mark their. profile as a certain tribe type. now this means the body type or. personality type that a person might. have. such as being a bear or a geeky person. or an athlete or something like that so. now we’ve talked about the profiles. let’s move on to criteria number three. for grindr which is the ease of use and. design of the website. the website is pretty intuitive to use. and there’s only four sections of the. website for you to check out which is.

Messages. explorer matches and favorites i really. like this because there’s no. extra bull crap on the website and it. really allows you to. be able to navigate through the website. very easily let’s move on to criteria. number four for grindr which is the. features of the website so all the. features that are unique on grindr there. is the tap feature. which allows you to be able to hit a. little icon that tells another. user that you’re looking at them that. you’re giving them a friendly gesture or. that you find them very attractive. they do also have your typical search. filter which allows you to look for. people in. foreign countries all the way to. different types of people that you may. be interested in. in case you’re interested in somebody. but you don’t have time to talk to them. right in that moment you can.

Favorite them so that you can add them. to a list of people that you would like. to talk to later. and they do also offer this really cool. thing which is a discreet app icon so in. case. you don’t want other people to know that. you’re on grindr in case they’re looking. over your shoulder or at your phone you. can actually hide your icon by. disguising it as something else. now the best thing you can do to help. your profile out is to actually hit the. like button which is right below this. video be sure that it is that nice. nice blue color for me and you will find. your matches in no time i promise. so let’s move on to number eight on our. list which i would say is the best. website for lesbians and that’s. her let’s start off with criteria number. one for her which is the members of the. website it has over five million.

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Registered users in 55 different. countries around the world. and about 25 of those users are based in. the united states. the app was accepted quite well by the. female lgbtq community. seeing as it was the first app for them. which was also made by them let’s move. on to criteria number two for. her which is the profiles of the website. the only people who can make a profile. on her are the female population when. you do first sign up your name. your birthday and your profile image all. get you extracted from your social media. and are automatically put. into your her account outside of this. you can add your height. your hair color your sexuality. preference and among other things to. your profile to make it more unique the. app suggests uploading eight photos to. your profile to make as many matches as. possible.

After you’ve created your profile you. are free to try and find other matches. on the website so let’s move on to. criteria number three for her which is. the ease of use and design of the. website so the app is pretty easy and. intuitive to use and it has five. sections that you can look through. that’s your me area your community feed. your profile. your chats and your notifications after. registering you can start browsing the. app right away but in order to see your. feed. you are suggested to actually follow. three different communities now these. communities are groups of women who all. fall under the same interest. those interests could be things like. gaming or sports and they can also be. things that are not safe for work so. let’s move on to criteria number four. the unique features that her has to. offer.

The creators the app actually didn’t. want to just make a dating app and they. actually really were geared towards. trying to make a whole social media for. women. this means that you can actually have a. friends list you can comment on other. people’s content on their profile and. things like that. just like you would think about when you. think about things like facebook or. instagram they do also have event tabs. which are. multiple events that are set up for. reallife meetings and. here you can rsvp your information to. tell people that you are going they do. also have a section in the app called. the me area which is most similar to. tinder’s swiping feature where you swipe. left to say no to somebody and swipe. right to say yes to somebody so let’s. move on to number nine on my list which. i would say is the best website for.

Hookups and that is so let’s jump into criteria number one for be naughty which is the members of the website is a great place for you if you are looking for casual sex and casual hookups and relationships the app has millions of users all over the world most of which are based in the united states and it has 120 000 users that are active weekly on the website as for the male to female ratio 40 of the people on the website are male while 60 of the people on the website are female most of the users are between the age of 25 and 34 as well as people who are between the ages of 18 and 24 but there are also plenty of people on the website as well who are between the ages of 35 and 54.

Let’s move on to criteria number two for. be naughty which is the profiles. when you first create your profile. you’ll see that not a lot of information. is needed and you’re allowed to add some. photos and even some videos as well when. you do go on the website you’ll see a. lot of users are posting explicit photos. and. this is one of the very few websites. that we review that allows this to. happen. one thing that i found that was really. interesting is that if you do upload a. duplicate account with the same photo. it actually knows that and it won’t. allow you to do so so there are no. accounts on the website that have the. same photo besides your photos you can. add some other basic information which. includes your. age your height your sex among other. general things however in order for you. to. successfully communicate with other.

Members and see their full profiles you. do need to be a premium member let’s. move on to criteria number three for be. naughty which is the ease of use and. design of the website biennie’s website. is pretty straightforward and easy to. use and you don’t need to be extremely. tech savvy in order to use the website. it’s pretty straightforward and it’s not. something that is too complicated. there’s not really much to say about it. here so let’s move on to criteria number. four for be naughty which is the. features of the website so some of the. features in the website are a little. discriminatory but it allows a better. male to female ratio for. uh the male users so like i said earlier. about 60 of the users are female and one. of the big reasons for this is that. messaging is completely free for female. users.

For male users you do have to pay for a. membership they do also have a hot or. not game which is. very similar to tinder’s swiping feature. where you swipe left to say no to. somebody or you swipe right to say yes. you can also add people to your. favorites list if you do want to message. them later. or you want to remind yourself that they. are part of a better group than other. people that you’re talking to. and they do also have a winking feature. where you can send somebody a link to. let them know that you are interested so. let’s move on to number 10 on my list. which i would say is the best dating. website for people who are 50 years old. or older. and that is illumine so let’s jump into. criteria number one for lumen which is. the members of the website the app. boasts 1.3 million members most of which. are coming from the united states.

The only requirement for signing up is. that you have to be 50 years or older i. actually tried signing up myself. and it politely told me that i am a. spring chicken and that i am not allowed. to sign up until my 50th birthday. the average age on the website is 56. years old and interestingly enough the. oldest member is actually 97 when it. comes in the male to female ratio most. of the members are men but only slightly. let’s move on to the second criteria for. lumen which is the profiles it’s pretty. clear why seniors prefer this app. because. they really do need to verify every. single account to make sure it’s a real. person. you’re required to take a photo of. yourself real time and so that they can. compare it to the photos that you are. posting on your profile they do also. have some very strict rules and even.

Some members who are actually legitimate. people. have been taken off the website because. of this seniors will love this knowing. that they’re more than likely not going. to get scammed by using this website. most of the members upload a few photos. and most of them fill out their about me. section in looking for section there are. also some optional questionnaires that. you can fill out but it seems like most. users tend to ignore these. let’s move on to criteria number three. for lumen which is the ease of use and. design of the website. because the app is exclusive to seniors. and seniors tend to not be very tech. savvy. they make sure they make the website. very straightforward and very easy to. use. there are a few different categories to. choose from and is very easy to navigate. through them for finding other people.

You can use the discovery page which. comes with some features and you can. either like. chat or skip the person all the profiles. that you have liked are placed in your. favorite section of the app. and so it’s very easy to find all the. people that you are interested in so. let’s move on to criteria number four of. lumen which is. the features of the website there are. many different features on lumen and. free members can actually chat without. the six different people on the website. and each message has to be at least 50. characters they have a rewind feature. which allows you to look at the 10 last. profiles that you skipped. and so that you can kind of do a double. take to see if you really did want to. skip those profiles or not there’s also. a 72 hour time frame for you to reply to. messages so if you do get a message and.

You’re not interested in that person. after 72 hours your messages will be. deleted that concludes my list for the. top 10. best dating websites and i really hope. that one of them stuck out to you for. your particular want for a dating site i. do want to mention as well that the. article version of this video. is in the description down below and the. article version actually covers. 20 total dating sites instead of 10. so. number 11 on my list would be. which i would say is the best. website for video hookups. number 12 on my list would be ashley. madison which is the best website. for cheaters number 13 on my list is. coffee meets bagel which would be the. best website for people who need a nudge. the number 14 on my list would be the. best website for conservatives and that. is okcupid number 15 on my list would be.

Plenty of fish and that would be the. best websites for liberals. number 16 on the list would be meet me. and that is the best website for people. who are dating for 40 years or older. number 17 on my list would be our time. and that would be the best dating. website for seniors. number 18 on my list would be. international cupid and that would be. the best dating website for people who. are looking for international dating. number 19 on my list would be christian. mingle and that would be the best dating. website for christians. and number 20 on my list would be jd. which is the best dating website for the. jewish community thank you guys so much. for watching my video on the top 10 best. websites that are out there. hopefully you guys found the best one. for you be sure to jump into the. description down below to take the.